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Entry #32

Rolling up pretty quickly on one year since Ken died....one more month away.  I've decided I want to do something to observe the day in a positive way.  An event to honor Ken, and also bring awareness to mental health issues and suicide prevention. 


So next month we're having the Ken Westeren Memorial Dog Walk.  People can bring their pups and green balloons to be released.  We'll attach our personal messages and.or messages about suicide to the balloons and let them go over the canyon.  I know he would love knowing that we're getting together with humans and pups to celebrate his life. 


It's going to be a tough day, but I plan for it to be a healing one as well.  For the past few years my life was consumed by the mental health issues Ken was having.  It's only been recently that I realized how much of my life revolved around what mood he was in or would be in if I did or didn't do something.  Almost every decision I had to make was based on how Ken would react and what potential fall-out there would be.  It became so second nature that I really didn't realize the extent to which it had impacted my everyday world.

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01.10 | 11:30

It will be 13 years ago on 10/4 when my boyfriend chose suicide as a way out too. Thank you for sharing! ~ peace, love & light.

14.04 | 06:43

Awesome blog. I am suicidal, on mess and see my shrink weekly. It helps to be reminded how much pain suicide inflicts on the family. thank you

04.08 | 09:31

My thoughts are with you. I had two nephews commit suicide. Bryant was 32 and Keith was 30. Why why why!!???

14.06 | 19:55

Ken's choice was not in anyway your fault. My step father of 33 years decided to hang himself at the age of 91. Heartbreaking, the grief is different- as stated

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