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Entry #35

It's after midnight, so techinally it's March 24th. Today would have been Ken and my 7th wedding anniversary.  Too wound up to sleep, so I decided to post about this afternoon.


By the time 2:00pm rolled around the wind was blowing like crazy.  We had all we could do to keep the photo displays, cards, and balloons from blowing away. 


It was a nice time of fellowship and rememberance.  We shared and cried. I cried a lot actually.  I wasn't prepared for that.  I really felt like I had gotten all those emotions out in the morning.  When it came time to welcome people and explain about the messages and balloon release I was a blithering idiot.  I had been fine as I spoke with people and got things ready.  As soon as I opened my mouth I was overcome by sadness.  Everyone shared how they knew Ken and their memories of him.


We wrote our messages of hope, healing, and help and attached them to the green balloons and let them go out over the canyon.  It was beautiful and cathartic and beautiful.  I know this won't be the last time I cry, but this time felt more like healing, peaceful tears.


Thank you to everyone who came and honored Ken's memory and helped to create awareness about the suicide epidemic! 


Be sure to check out the photo gallery on the KPW Memorial Dog Walk tab on the top left!

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01.10 | 11:30

It will be 13 years ago on 10/4 when my boyfriend chose suicide as a way out too. Thank you for sharing! ~ peace, love & light.

14.04 | 06:43

Awesome blog. I am suicidal, on mess and see my shrink weekly. It helps to be reminded how much pain suicide inflicts on the family. thank you

04.08 | 09:31

My thoughts are with you. I had two nephews commit suicide. Bryant was 32 and Keith was 30. Why why why!!???

14.06 | 19:55

Ken's choice was not in anyway your fault. My step father of 33 years decided to hang himself at the age of 91. Heartbreaking, the grief is different- as stated

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